Alessandra Bisi was born in Milan in 1965.She frequented Hayech the Art School and later graduated in painting at “Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera” ( Milano ). Afterwards she participated in a two-year design course at the “Institute of Arts and Sciences communication” (Milan).From 1987 to 1997 she has traveled numerous times to learn more about other cultures (India, Indonesia, Africa , The Middle East, America Centrale).The personal exhibitions that have aroused particular interest are: in 1995 in Rabat (Morocco), in one of the large halls of King Hassan II Palace; in 1997 at the Cinema Anteo in Milan; in 1998 at the Gallery Meridiana of Piacenza; in 2000 at the Pestalozzi space in Milan; in 2002 at the Studio Two of Venice; in 2003 she exhibited at the Limonaia of Villa Rusconi in Castano Primo; in the Circle of Desio in 2004 ; in 2005 the Space Groff & most important C.di collective Milano.
Her work will often emerge memories and coloristic suggestions absorbed and metabolized in these courses of study and knowledge. Recently her works highlight the brightness of the Mediterranean and tropical countries, by whose spirit she has been charmed. There are several exhibitions both personal and collective in italian and foreign cities.


In 2005 she set out a solo exhibition at the headquarters of the Art School of Milan, where she gave life to a lab with some students. From 2005 till present, other solo and group exhibitions took place at the Spazio Pestalozzi and at Groff & C.After a period in which her work was done mostly with collages of different materials, currently Alessandra Bisi has returned to using classical techniques such as oil and tempera in constant pursuit of simplification and structuring the forms and bright colors intensity
In 2007 solo exhibition at the Library Farnese of Piacenza; in 2009 “Reale Irreale” allo Pestalozzi space in Milan; in 2011 ‘ De Rerum Natura ‘ exhibition with the sculptor Andrea Oliva who exhibited his first works of a cycle dedicated to the nature and strength.In the years 2012, 2013 the artist exhibited on several occasions including The Art Fair in NY; the exposure of the installation “Giungla” at Isimbardis Palace in Milan and at the Cloisters of Humanitarian in the context of Art of Eating. Works of the ‘ De Rerum Natura cycle ‘ have been exposed during the ‘ Alchemy ‘ Festival at the Palazzo Ducale of Sabbioneta.

In 2014 the artist takes part in other exhibitions like in autumn “Archive of Sesto” or Amy Sacks Gallery, at the Review Milanocon Fragments .A double personal exhibition with Lucio Forte in the spaces of Studio Sutti Via Montenapoleone in Milan and ‘ Let’s play ‘ cards, as a collective collage.In 2014 Alessandra Bisi donates to the “Institute of Tumors” in Via Venezian in Milan a plural work composed of several panels and paintings. The work is permanently installed inside of the radiotherapy bunkers . This important work adheres to and develops in a concrete project to make the hospital a more colorful and artistic space in order to alleviate the feeling of being in a place of suffering.
Also in 2014, the artist creates for Rubio’s chain in California some paintings made specifically to become multiple. In 2014, the artist went to Poland and exhibited along with italian and polish artists. During her stay she also participated in exchange programs with international artists.
Alessandra Bisi is among the twelve Italian artists who along with twelve other polish painters make up the group that exhibited in a traveling exposition. The Exhibition “Visions Wizje’he” had its debut at the Palazzo del Podesta, Palazzo del Comune di Castell ‘ Arquato. It has already been submitted and its now in process at the International Culture Centre Cracovia.The shows will also be exhibited in other prestigious venues in Catania, Milan, Czestochowa, Zakopane, Poland.
The artist during 2015 was present at various other exhibitions at Spazio Tadini, (Milan), Orler ( Punta Ala ), Presso Spazio Libero (Milan).


She has exhibited in solo exposition at Gallery Transvisionismo Stefano Sichel in Castell Arquato. Alessandra Bisi is one of the artist members of the Palace of Fine Arts and Permanent Exhibition and was in the Palio Artistic MIlan Expo 2015 organized by Mario Bernardinello. She is currently participating in several group exhibitions in Italy (Rome Caffe literary Assisi Hall Lodges Picture Gallery ) and is committed to participate in Berlin and Paris for a series of events designed for the launch of a brand.